Our Sunday Kids Connect program is for kids 4 years old to year 6. At Harbourside, we want kids to feel connected to the whole church family so kids begin their Sunday in the church service with their family. Listen out for the Kids Connect announcement during the service then watch the kids stampede towards the hall!
With leaders who love Jesus, we use the Gospel Project Curriculum to take kids on a Christ-centred, chronological journey through the Bible. Everything we do in our program fits with our church mission of ‘Growing God’s kingdom by growing followers of Jesus.’
Key parts of our Kids Connect program are:

  • PRAYER: We talk to our great God who loves us and hears our prayers
  • THE BIBLE: We encourage kids to read the Bible themselves during our program in addition to hearing the true Bible story presented in an engaging way. We memorise Bible verses as a way of ‘hiding God’s word in our hearts’ just like King David in Psalm 119:11!
  • CRAFTS AND GAMES: We help kids explore the key themes of the Bible story in a fun and memorable way. Through crafts and games, the kids build deeper connections with each other and their leaders.

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For more information or registration forms, contact Tori Handel